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Revitalizing Your Call Center - Small Changes that Make Big Differences

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Prince Charles and AHT

OMG Text To Collect LOL!!!

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Staffing Smart = Bucks to the Bottom Line

Big Data Meets Recruiting

How and Why Contact Center Benchmarking Works

Initiating an At-Home Agent Policy

At Home Agents Are Strategic Assets - CallTalk Caramels

Agent Satisfiers

Agent Satisfaction by Region - USA

Agent Satisfaction and Center Size

Agent Satisfaction and Commute

Satisfaction: Full-Time vs. Part-Time Agents

The Impact of Tenure On Satisfaction

Agents and Team Leads

Innovation and Involvement



Direct Supervisor/Manager Style


Best Practices in Developing Your Caller Satisfaction Surveys

Voice of the Customer

Customer Focus


Quality Processes

Expectations and Compensation

Resources and Technology

Training and Promotions

Optimizing Call Center Location and Labor Analytics


Work Environment

Work Schedules

Leadership and Trust

Organizational Vision

Time Management Tips You Can Use

Overall Satisfaction

Agent Voices

Agent Satisfaction and Customer Contact Success

Zappos or Zapatos?: Walk in the Customer’s Shoes to Understand the Customer Journey

Coaching is King: Skills Development Trumps Process Every Time!

Optimize the Revenue Potential of Your Contact Center

Tips for Optimal IVR Call Flow Design

When 30% of Your Time is Spent on “I’ve Got a Complaint!” Calls

Investments in Employee Training… Are you getting bang for your buck?

BenchmarkPortal CEO Interview With CEOCFO Magazine

BenchmarkPortal Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Aux Time: What Should It Be Used For?

Call Center Training

Team Meetings-How Your Employees Will Benefit

Avoiding Agent Burnout

Compensation Strategies For Agents and Supervisors  Part 2

Social Media and The Call Center

Tips on Adherence to Schedule Adherence

Complaint Resolution: When 30% of Your Time is Spent on “I’ve got a Complaint!” Calls

First Call Resolution Revisited

Developing a Customer-Centric Center

Benchmarking Made Easy

Compensation Strategies For Agents and Supervisors

How to Minimize After Call Work Time

Reducing Abandon Rate

Best Practices in Developing Your Caller Satisfaction Surveys

Understanding Contact Center Dashboards

Understanding E-mail Best Practices

Service Level Best Practices

At-Home Agents: How to Recruit, Train, Monitor and Motivate

Dispelling Myths About Social Media

Balancing Life and Work: Managing and Motivating Agents in a Healthy Way

Beyond Benchmarking

Quality Assurance & Coaching for Success

WFM Analytics Demystified Session 2 of 2

Organizational Structure: Foundation for Contact Center Success

Workforce Management Advanced

Quality Assurance Agents Love

WFM Analytics Demystified Session 1 of 2

Employee Morale

Managing Gen Y in the Contact Center

2012 Year in Review by Bruce Belfiore, CEO, BenchmarkPortal

Workforce Optimization: Analytics Demystified -- Employee Focus (Session 1 of 2)

Workforce Management: How to Understand and Embrace Advanced Workforce Management.

Employee Morale: Ideas and Insights to Create an Outrageously Cool Culture

Site Selection: What does the research show are the key success factors?

Hold Time and Transfers: The Balancing Act You Can Win

Consumer and Agent Loyalty: 5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Leave Work Tonight

Outbound Calls: Challenges and solutions for both blended and dedicated centers.

Stop botching your incentive plans: Get the science behind the results

Outsourcing: Which communications should you consider trusting to a partner?

At Home Agent

Team Meetings- Why Your Call Center Needs Them & How Your Employees Will Benefit

Taking a fresh look at your Center: Big and small changes that can make a difference

Compensation Strategies for Agents and Supervisors

The Business Case for First Call Resolution

Jan Van Der Reis interview with Bruce Belfiore Discussing Call Center Benchmarking Conference

Lourdes Adame's Interview with Bruce Belfiore from BenchmarkPortal Discussing Call Center Benchmarking

Social Media and the Call Center: Where Are We Headed?

Adherence: The Problems, The Policies, The Best Practices

Complaints: How 3% of calls can take 30% of your time - strategies to manage them

Agent Satisfaction: How to measure it and how to manage it

First Call Resolution Revisited

Developing Agents Who Are More Customer-Centric

Benchmarking made easy: How your metrics can be leveraged for optimum results

Compensation Strategies for Agents and Supervisors

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