Santa Barbara, CA – 76.64% of surveyed agents believe that their respective organizations are focused on Customer Satisfaction according to BenchmarkPortal's 2020 Agent Voices Report. The survey reports that 45.66% of the respondents "strongly agree" to the statement, "The Organization's Vision is focused on Customer Satisfaction" with 37.41% selecting "agree" as the next option.

Category 2: Vision Strongly Agree  Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree 2020 Net Score (Top 2 - Low 2) 2015 Net Score (Top 2 - Low 2)
The Organization's Vision is focused on Customer Satisfaction. 45.66% 37.41% 10.50% 4.17% 2.26% 76.64% 79.80%


However, this finding comes with a caveat. While the question garnered a positive response, the survey revealed that the corporate focus on customer satisfaction saw a three-percentage point drop in its rating. The downtick in “focus on customer satisfaction”, while slight, is a potential source of concern going forward. It is a message to senior leadership to be sure that the company vision is focused solidly on customer needs and satisfaction. The only way to ascertain that is to survey your agents, since something you may assume is articulated by your management may not have been absorbed as well as you think by your agents.

Improvement initiatives in this category should be tied to an updated, customer-focused mission statement and to personal and collective performance goals and reward systems.

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