Parsing out agent satisfaction by tenure provides some interesting results:


tenure vs overall satisfaction.png

The normal “honeymoon” lasts three months, after which overall satisfaction declines, until bottoming out in the 3 to 5 year period. Agents who survive this agent “mid-career” low point have a more positive response - - a trend which is reinforced among those with ten or more years in the center.


The curve implicit in the graph above is to be expected. Most people feel energized and positive when doing something that feels new, and will fall into a rut and feel less satisfied after performing the job for a number of years. However, those who feel content and fulfilled with what they are doing will tend to a) stay on, and b) express satisfaction with work they have mastered and enjoy.

However, giving serious thought to improving the results from “mid-curve crisis” employees could go a long way to reducing your turnover and improving productivity and satisfaction.

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