“Happy agents make for happy customers.” As custodian of the largest database in the world of contact center metrics, BenchmarkPortal can vouch for the statistical relationship between agent satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers, in turn, are a source of loyal customers, who are the source of ongoing revenues and profits.

Therefore, high agent satisfaction is not merely nice to have – i.e., a metric that simply corresponds to a more pleasant work atmosphere, although this is most certainly true. Satisfaction has a clear correlation to productivity, engagement and, ultimately, the degree of success of the contact center and the enterprise it serves, whether that enterprise be a company, a non-profit organization or a government entity. Managers should remember this when discussing agent morale with upper management. Satisfaction also has an important and obvious impact on agent turnover, which is extremely expensive for most centers, often costing $5,000-to-$15,000 or more per replacement, in terms of recruiting, hiring, training and on-boarding costs. Thus, the connection between agent satisfaction and financial results is a compelling one.

Our Agent Voices blog posts are the result of ground-breaking research on over 5,000 agent surveys conducted in North America.

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