Ten Tips for Hiring Contact Center Agents

Bruce Belfiore, CEO BenchmarkPortal
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Best Practices in Developing Your Caller Satisfaction Surveys

The success of any service organization depends on continuous improvement, and the key to improvement is found through listening to the voice of the customer via direct surveys. There are numerous methods available to collect customer feedback, which include ...
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Understanding E-mail Best Practices

In e-mail centers, where voice communications take a back seat to written communications, the soft-skills requirements to “smile as you dial” or “keep a smile in your voice” have little importance. However, in those centers where asynchronous communications ...
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Service Level Best Practices

Service Level is the granddaddy of call center metrics. Traditionally, answering 80% of calls in 20 seconds was considered a best practices goal. While some remain attached to this metric, experts increasingly see this as a metric that needs to be put into ...
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Lourdes Adame's Interview with Bruce Belfiore from BenchmarkPortal Discussing Call Center Benchmarking

March 11, 2010 — Global Contact Forum 2010 Entrevista con Bruce Belfiore, CEO Benchmarking Portal
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