Santa Barbara, CA – Despite well-publicized challenges, BenchmarkPortal’s Agent Voices Report finds that a great majority of contact center agents are proud to work for their respective companies. While the calculated score for the question, “I am proud to say I work for this company” is slightly down compared to the 2015 study, the results still paint an optimistic picture about how the surveyed agents view their employer - - which is an important factor in predicting employee retention, engagement, and performance. Fifty-two percent strongly agreed and another 32% agreed with the statement.

This question will tend to skew toward the high side for companies that are well and favorably known to the public, at least locally. An employer name that evokes a consistent positive reaction from friends and acquaintances boosts self-esteem and will receive more favorable responses.

The other questions in the category and the agent responses to them are the following:


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Topics: Employee Morale, Consumer and Agent Loyalty, employee satisfaction