Industry-specific benchmarking is the baseline for best practice analytics because it is the essential first step in analyzing your situation against other contact centers that take similar calls and service similar customers. Without this competitive analysis managers risk making poor choices on new initiatives.

Once your data gets entered into our survey and after cross-check and scrubbing it gets accepted into the database. You will then receive our Contact Center Benchmark Report which shows your performance side-by-side with your own industry sector and it computes the gap between your performance and the average for your industry. Immediately you can see where you are performing better than your industry average and where you are lagging. This is essential information every manager should have.

The key is leveraging this by mapping all negative gaps to appropriate issues, that is people, process and technology issues in the center. Our team of experts will analyze your reports and begin the following process:
1. Discovery – Identify your negative gaps on the report
2. Discussion – Discuss areas of improvement
3. Discernment – Determine specific fixes determining their costs and benefits and prioritizing them
4. Decisions – Choose potential initiatives with an eye toward improving those that are easy, quick, low cost and impactful
5. Deployment – Implementation, benchmark again to determine how your efforts improved your competitive position, which will provide you with great fact-based visuals for your senior management meetings

This is a healthy cycle of activity, which is key for proper management of your center requires accurate benchmarking as the essential starting point. Properly employed, this benchmarking based methodology that will add great value to your enterprise!

BenchmarkPortal is recognized worldwide as the leader in contact center benchmarking, with the largest database of contact center metrics and the most advanced tools for benchmarking analytics. We are truly the global one-stop shop for contact center benchmarking.

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