Agent Experience (AX): The Next Frontier for Elevating the Customer Experience (CX)

Introduction Elevating the Customer Experience (CX) is an obsession for the contact center industry, and rightly so. The experiences that customers have with your contact center condition the way they think about you as a supplier of goods and services and as ...
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State of Agent Experience 2022: Survey

BenchmarkPortal conducted a survey on behalf of eGain to find the state of agent experience (AX) in contact centers in the US. The survey also found from agents how good contact center knowledge is in helping them provide customer service. The survey was held ...
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Team Development: Techniques Managers Forget

BY BRUCE BELFIORE | September 6, 2017 I think it was college basketball legend John Wooden of UCLA who said “coaching is teaching.” So if you are trying to build your contact center team, channel your inner teacher!
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This area is of obvious importance to agent satisfaction. Agents tend to stay and be satisfied where they feel valued and appreciated.   
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Training and Promotions

Job initiation and career prospects are both very important to contact center agents, as they are to all employees. This category starts with questions about initial training and transition and then asks questions about the individual’s professional and ...
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Coaching is King: Skills Development Trumps Process Every Time!

Is your company more focused on skills or on process? Most managers say they concentrate on processes. Our experts suggest that when organizations become very process-oriented they also become very compliance-based, which leaves little room for valuable ...
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