Agent Turnover is costly and disruptive to call centers - - and it is going up as the economy improves. Our benchmark data over the last decade show that since 2014, agent turnover is heading back toward pre-recession peaks.

Our Research has Shown:

  • Average call center turnover rates are consistently higher than those in other most other industries.
  • The costs of agent turnover are often hidden from view - - but are substantial
  • Improving management skills through training and taking steps to engage employees through activities (both work-related and not) can make a measurable difference.

Costs and Contentment

Do you know what your fully-loaded cost of agent turnover is? You should. This will help you to quantify the drag turnover is placing on your bottom line, and allow you to make calculations of the value of improvement initiatives. If, for example, your cost of agent turnover is $6,500 per person, you can propose a “fix” (agent training, improved knowledge management, money for rewards and recognition programs, gamification initiatives, additional coaching, etc.) and calculate the expected ROI for presentation to your management.

Centers that take an “eyes open” approach to analyzing turnover have seen agent satisfaction improve by over 500%. If turnover is an issue for you, I invite you to download my free eBook on Mastering Agent Turnover - - and to contact me for discussions on how you might confront the problem.

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