Pivoting from Office to Remote – Making it Work | Guest: Fabrice Martin

Shifting to remote call centers due to COVID-19 is not simply flipping a switch. Plus, for those who decide to remain remote, the challenge of providing superior customer experiences on a consistent, long-term basis is often daunting. Industry expert Fabrice ...
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Customer Experience & Your Company’s Human Brand in 2020 | Guest: Craig Binkley

2020 has created an intense focus for companies to reconsider their relationship with customers and how they serve them. The vision and promise of good Customer Experience often talks about creating“wows” with customers at scale.  Yet many of the tech stack ...
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Contact Center Technology: Embrace It – Leverage It – Promote It! | Guest: Angie Luckey-Succes

Are you implementing new contact center technology?  Join us as we discuss tips and benefits on how to embrace the technology to transform the customer, employee and business experience by leveraging it within and beyond your department while promoting the ...
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How A.I. is Transforming Contact Centers & Saving You Money | Guest: Tim McLain

Are you struggling with scaling cll capacity in this time of pandemic? Could you leverage artificial intelligence to make your calls smarter? This episode of CallTalk will provide tips and insights on how to properly assess AI for your center's needs, keep ...
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Busting the Barriers to Success: 
Your Center and Back Office Functions | Guest: Nancy Munro

This episode of CallTalk(TM) focuses on improving performance by breaking down the barriers between Contact Centers and back office functions. Our guest will share how superior communication and coordination with colleagues in other parts of the enterprise ...
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Let’s Clear the Smoke: Drug Testing and Background Screening During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Guest: Christine Cunneen

Join   Christine   Cunneen , CEO of Hire Image, a nationally accredited background screening company, as she shares helpful information about the latest drug testing and background screening trends facing call centers.  Christine provides her particular ...
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SPECIAL CALLTALK: Coronavirus & Contact Center Management | Guest: Dr. Charles Fenzi

Guest Dr. Charles Fenzi and our host, Bruce Belfiore, author of Coronavirus and your Call Center: Don’t Panic – Plan and Prepare, which focuses on how to show true management leadership in the face of this crisis.  This special episode of CallTalk™ is ...
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Living Wage vs. Market Wage: Pros, Cons, Whys and Hows for Contact Center Managers | Guest: Mike Dershowitz

Join Bruce Belfiore as he talks with Mike Dershowitz about the market and corporate forces that push us to offer compensation based on market conditions, and about the human and political elements that push toward offering “living wage” compensation.  Mike ...
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