Getting Really Good at WFH and Hybrid Work | Guest: Michele Rowan

Remote and hybrid work are not new to contact centers, but getting really good at it on scale and for the long haul, is quite new. How are organizations retaining the best talent once hired, and how are they bringing people into culture folds quickly, while ...
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Replacing Surveys with the Sentiment Arc: What I learned from analyzing 29,000 calls! | Guest: Jeff Toister

Customer service surveys are no longer effective. Response rates are low, customers are tired of endless requests, and it’s becoming more difficult to get actionable data. A new technique called sentiment analysis analyzes the conversations you’re already ...
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The Power of an Effective Feedback Loop | Guest: Dan Handy

Information feedback is the lifeblood of continuous improvement for contact centers. However, most centers don't employ a structured approach to originating, processing and acting on feedback. In this session, guest Pam Wilson explains the 4 stages required ...
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