When YOU Need the Coaching - Managers Need Coaches to Succeed too | Guest: Mitchell Levy

We have dedicated courses and CallTalk episodes on coaching for agents - an important topic indeed. However, contact center managers need coaching as well - - coaching that may go beyond the training curricula that are in the market. Tune in to this episode ...
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Managing Contact Centers Takes Credibility: Hear how to build it best | Guest: Mitchell Levy

Global Credibility Expert, Mitchell Levy, is an evangelist for those who want to be seen as credible and win the war against those in what he calls "Dubious Nation". Mitchell, a TEDtalk veteran, has interviewed over 500 thought leaders from across the world ...
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How to Guarantee an Amazing Customer Experience | Guest: Jeff Toister

An experience guarantee goes beyond merely warrantying a product against defects. It encompasses the entire customer journey to promise an experience that never falls short of expectations. Customer loyalty skyrockets when people trust your brand, product, or ...
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Delivering Profoundly Remarkable Customer Service | Guest: Chip R Bell

What do Google, Netflix, Apple, Uber and Amazon have in common other than rapid growth and amazing profits? They all are considered among the most innovative companies, perpetually seek ingenious ways to delight their customers. Remarkable service for today’s ...
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Customer Experience: New Mind Meld Methodology | Guest: Mark Coudray

Air Date: Friday, February 17, 2017 - 10AM/PT Host: Bruce Belfiore, CEO & Senior Research Analyst, BenchmarkPortal Guest Speaker: Mark Coudray, DScisive Season: 8, Episode Number: 2
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Customer Experience Journey Mapping | Guest: Amy Novak

How can an organization increase the customer satisfaction by providing a positive experience and reducing the customer’s effort? Is your organization thinking of, or looking into, more effective and less expensive says of interacting with customers?
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