Replacing Surveys with the Sentiment Arc: What I learned from analyzing 29,000 calls! | Guest: Jeff Toister

Customer service surveys are no longer effective. Response rates are low, customers are tired of endless requests, and it’s becoming more difficult to get actionable data. A new technique called sentiment analysis analyzes the conversations you’re already ...
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Getting the Most out of AI and Automation for Quality Assurance in Contact Centers | Guest: Chad Tatton

Chad Tatton brings tremendous experience in using quality assurance to improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, effectiveness, time to proficiency, and sales in the contact center. During this conversation with host Bruce Belfiore, Chad will relay his ...
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Generative AI Best Practices for your Contact Center Transformation | Guest: Jimmy Padia

This episode of CallTalk will focus on explaining the different types of Generative AI, as well as best practices to follow in selecting an LLM (Large Language Model). The discussion will help you understand what you should know, and helps you identify the ...
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How A.I. is Transforming Contact Centers & Saving You Money | Guest: Tim McLain

Are you struggling with scaling cll capacity in this time of pandemic? Could you leverage artificial intelligence to make your calls smarter? This episode of CallTalk will provide tips and insights on how to properly assess AI for your center's needs, keep ...
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