How to Turn Rookie Contact Center Hires into All-Stars | Guest: Adam Levin

Many contact center leaders struggle to get new hires up to speed, and AI will continue forcing human agents to tackle increasingly difficult sales and support scenarios. Adam Levin joins us today to discuss how to empower workers around the globe with new ...
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Agent Performance and Quality Training | Guest: Nancy Munro

Does your contact center struggle with getting agents floor ready – you won’t want to miss this episode! Ever have a bad experience with a contact center agent? Why do you think this happened? One answer may be poor training or poor coaching – either way ...
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Incentives, Gamification and Engagement | Guest: Elijah Cox

If you understand the science and principles of Engagement, Gamification, and Incentives, you have the power to change an organization. You can improve morale, increase tenure, see metric improvements of up to 40%, all of which promotes a healthy organization ...
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Voice of the Customer and Agent Engagement: Roses, Daisies & Weeds | Guest: Michael J. Tamer

Agents are the heartbeat of every Call Center and are every manager's greatest challenge. We will explore how to optimize agent engagement and get the viewpoint of a long time Call Center Pro, Michael J. Tamer. Guest Speaker: Michael J. Tamer, CEO and ...
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