Key Takeaways on Hiring Insights in 2021 | Guest: Christine Cunneen

With so much going on across all industries with regard to post-COVID screening and hiring - - along with changing laws tied to criminal justice reform, marijuana and employer liability - - industry expert Christine Cunneen provides a much-needed update on ...
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Leveraging Workforce Management Best Practices to Optimize Your Contact Center | Guest: Matthew Duncan

Efficient agents not only make the contact center run smoother, but they create a better experience for your customers. We sat down with Matt Duncan from CommunityWFM to discuss how leveraging some of the best practices in workforce management improves agent ...
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The Surprising Value of Accurate Language Screening in Contact Centers | Guest: Brigham Tomco

  Screening agents for hire, particularly in "virtual" mode, is not easy. Many centers find they are missing pieces, which leads to inefficient processes, higher turnover and lower customer satisfaction.  One important component is language proficiency, ...
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Silver Lining to the Covid-19 Cloud: Accommodations for Disabilities | Guest: Kate Brouse

Covid-19 has had a terrible impact on people and economies around the globe. But it has facilitated accommodation of at-home work for the disability community. Guest Kate Brouse of nonprofit NTI helps disabled Americans and veterans open employment doors. She ...
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Knowledge Management in the Contact Center | Guest: Burgoyne Hughes

Knowledge management is foundational the effectiveness of the modern contact center. Metrics from cost per contact and handle time require agents to rapidly find the information they need, and customer satisfaction demands that agents have complete and ...
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