How Great Frontline Support Creates Great Agents - "How To" Tips | Guest: Mark Brody

Join Bruce Belfiore as he interviews industry veteran Mark Brody about getting your center "unstuck" by supporting your front line agents - - and making them stars. Providing the right technology, training and leadership, combined with dedication to ...
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Mindfulness Experience: Moving from Toxic to Terrific by Intentionally Helping Staff to Reboot, Reset and Reframe | Guest: Keith Fiveson

Join CallTalk as Keith Fiveson talks to Bruce Belfiore abou t boost ing your customer experience and employee engagement using leadership techniques he has developed over a lifetime of experience. Use these techniques to empower greater resilienc e and create ...
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Managing Work-At-Home Agents | Guest: Marcia Presberry and Shannon Smith

Managing work-at-home agents has moved from pandemic emergency mode to representing a long-term challenge for most contact center managers. This episode of CallTalk will focus on tips and best practices that you can use immediately to improve performance. ...
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When YOU Need the Coaching - Managers Need Coaches to Succeed too | Guest: Mitchell Levy

We have dedicated courses and CallTalk episodes on coaching for agents - an important topic indeed. However, contact center managers need coaching as well - - coaching that may go beyond the training curricula that are in the market. Tune in to this episode ...
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