Generative AI Best Practices for your Contact Center Transformation | Guest: Jimmy Padia

This episode of CallTalk will focus on explaining the different types of Generative AI, as well as best practices to follow in selecting an LLM (Large Language Model). The discussion will help you understand what you should know, and helps you identify the ...
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Everything You Wanted to Know About AI and Contact Centers, But Were Afraid to Ask | Guest: Mark Coudray

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT are invading the minds of contact center managers around the world. But what will they mean for you and your operation? Join Bruce Belfiore and AI futurist Mark Coudray for a CallTalk episode that confronts AI and its ...
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Hiring CSRs: Latest on Security Screening and Drug Testing | Guest: Christine Cunneen

With so much going on across all industries with regard to post-COVID screening and hiring - - along with changing laws tied to criminal justice reform, marijuana and employer liability - - industry expert Christine Cunneen provides a much-needed update on ...
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Bringing Texting to Life in your Call Center | Guest Gary Pudles

Answering services have been around for 100 years. But times are changing, and today, customers want to text companies. Businesses are text-enabling their business lines every day. But often, they’re too busy to respond to customers themselves. Join Bruce ...
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Future of Hiring: Innovative Approaches for Recruiting & Retaining Top Agents | Guest: Ravin Shah

Hiring agents has become more difficult and managers are looking for new ideas and approaches to increase success. Join Bruce Belfiore as he interviews Ravin Shah about today's market for contact center agents - and how to win with top candidates using a ...
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Maximizing the Human in the Call Center | Guest: Nicholas MacDonald

Join Bruce Belfiore for the first CallTalk episode of 2023, with the theme "Maximizing the Human in the Call Center". He will be interviewing Nicholas MacDonald, director of Customer Experience at C-Lect Consulting. Nicholas will draw from a career in contact ...
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