Incentives, Gamification and Engagement | Guest: Elijah Cox

If you understand the science and principles of Engagement, Gamification, and Incentives, you have the power to change an organization. You can improve morale, increase tenure, see metric improvements of up to 40%, all of which promotes a healthy organization ...
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Contact Center Associations: Leveraging Information and Networking | Guest: Stuart Discount

Are you a member of a contact center industry association? If not, are you thinking about it? This episode of CallTalk will tell you what to look for and how to get the most from your membership.Contact center industry associations can contribute a lot to the ...
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Conversational Virtual Agents: Advantages and Caveats | Guest: Livio Pugliese

"Conversational Virtual Agent (sometimes known as chatbots) are all the rage. There has been an explosion, with easily accessed and low-priced conversational frameworks from the likes of Amazon and Google. However, while it’s easy to put together a bad ...
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Customer Care in a “Transhuman Era” | Guest: Garrison Macri

Technology is impacting every aspect of our lives from home shopping, home deliveries, video streaming, voice activated home hubs, to kids paying to watch their favorite gamers … well play Video Games.  Technology developments in the Customer Care world are ...
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Drama, The Poison of Customer Service | Guest: Eric Berg

The Call Center industry can be full of drama that can be a poison to the customer experience, employee satisfaction, agent retention and your overall center performance.  In this episode, we will learn how to identify different types of drama and discuss ...
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Changing the Way Collection Agencies are Viewed by being Ridiculously Nice! | Guest: Kenlyn T. Gretz

Has the collections industry taken a few black eyes through the years?  Yet, your specific company was not at fault?  Does your company get “stereotyped” unfairly  Our guest today, owns a collection agency that is intent on changing the way collection ...
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