There have been astounding changes to the outbound calling process over the years. If your company uses predictive outbound dialing or your agents are spending time performing outbound calls, you need to hear about recent federal and state changes.

In 2015 Alex saw massive changes in outbound calling regulations both on the federal and state level. Find out how some of these changes will change your business now and in the future. Are these changes already in affect? Can I still call cell phones on delinquent accounts? Can I use preview dialing on cell phones if I dial the number manually?

***Here is the link to access the slide pack that we talk about in our show: CallTalk MUG

Guest Speaker Bio: Alex Demczak, a lifelong resident of the Pittsburgh, PA area has been involved with call centers since 1978. Having completed the three year electronics degree at Allegany Tech, he merged his passion for electronics to the call center industry serving as a beta site for what are now standard products. Seeing the lack of ability for some predictive dialer manufactures to convey benefits and ROI of their equipment brought about the publishing of “How to Sell Dialers to Call Center Managers” . Later he teamed with Dr. Jon Anton of Purdue University, then mainly involved with inbound call centers, to create his second work “Optimizing Outbound Calling”. After a long successful career in banking he is now a full time consultant and the General Manger of MUG Enterprise, where he continues to develop products for the industry and provide guidance, training and reviews for call centers worldwide with such notable clients as: Microsoft, Capital One, US Bank and many others.

Air Date: Thursday, February 17, 2016 - 10AM/PT
Host: Bruce Belfiore, CEO & Senior Research Analyst, BenchmarkPortal
Guest Speaker: Alex Demczak, General Manager, MUG Enterprise
Season: 7, Episode Number: 2

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