Why are so many people talking about Employee Engagement? We’ll find out a few tips on the effectiveness of employee recognition and how it can potentially provide financial success to your company. Zane Safrit, CEO, Business Consultant, and Author will share some of his experiences and lessons learned on building employee awareness of company goals, raising morale, and increasing productivity.

Guest Host: Zane Safrit, CEO, Business Consultant, and Author

Zane Safrit’s has spent his career in call center operations, many of them serving international customers and sales forces. From an entry level position as a customer service rep to team leader to Assistant Director and Country Manager to finally CEO he saw the language of employee recognition and employee engagement is a universal language. As Country Manager, he opened his company’s first overseas office in Germany and used employee recognition and engagement to double sales and triple the number of new orders within the first six months. In his book Recognize THEM: 52 Ways to Recognize Your Employees In Ways They Value he has compiled many of the ways he used to recognize and engage employees.  Many of them require no financial investment, research or data. Listen in for a lively and informative episode.

Air Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 10AM/PT
Host: Bruce Belfiore, CEO & Senior Research Analyst, BenchmarkPortal
Guest Speaker: Rosanne D’Ausilio, Customer Service Expert, Industrial Psychologist, Master Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Coach, Pres Human Technologies Global
Season: 5, Episode Number: 1


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