What is the Positive Coach Approach? Positive Coach is designed to help call center coaches learn how to cultivate great agents. This approach will lessen the work load on managers and quality assurance departments, and foster a more open and competent work environment. Join host BenchmarkPortal CEO Bruce Belfiore and guest host Judy McKee, Founder, McKee Consulting, as they discuss Agent Coaching.

Guest Host: Judy McKee, motivational speaker, seminar leader, sales trainer and author.

Judy McKee is a nationally known motivational speaker, seminar leader, sales trainer and author. Her personal philosophy of motivation through education and commitment is applied to the art of telephone interactions through the Positive Coach Approach. Judy shows that effective communication is the most important ingredient to the sales and service success for any agent. Through her work with companies such as IBM, American Express, E-Harmony, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Century 21, Pacific Telesis, Discover Card, US Bank, Sprint, SouthWestern Bell, Walt Disney World, Aetna Insurance, MetLife, AARP, The Hartford and Staples, she has found inspiration for her books including The Sales Survival Guide, Scriptwriting for Effective Telemarketing; Maximizing Customer Contact, and her most recent book with her daughter Sally Cordova, The Positive Coach Approach.

Air Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 10AM/PT
Host: Bruce Belfiore, CEO & Senior Research Analyst, BenchmarkPortal
Guest Speaker: Judy McKee, Founder, McKee Consulting LLC
Season: 5, Episode Number: 7

Low Agent Motivation a Drag on Your Center? Here's How to Turn it Around!

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