Have you considered hiring disabled workers for your at-home or brick-and-mortar contact center operations? Bruce Belfiore interviews Michael Sanders on his efforts, with the non-profit NTI, to help Americans with Disabilities and Disabled Veterans back into the workplace. Through this work, NTI has actively placed over 650 work-at-home employees per year in Fortune 500 companies. Michael provides specific information about hiring Americans with Disabilities for the Customer Service and IT Help Desk industries. Join us for this compelling episode of CallTalk and hear answers to questions about this important topic.

Guest Host Bio: Michael Sanders is the Director of Marketing and Communications for NTI, a non-profit focusing on placing Americans with Disabilities and Disabled Veterans in Call Center, Customer Service and IT Help Desk work-at-home positions. He is currently partnering with multiple Fortune 500 companies, such as Amazon, Apple, IBM, and the IRS, to build relationships and provide jobs to individuals with disabilities. His extensive 20 years’ experience in advocacy and marketing strategy, along with his Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, have contributed to his success building NTI as the leader in placing Americans with Disabilities in the workplace.

Air Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 10AM/PT
Host: Bruce Belfiore, CEO & Senior Research Analyst, BenchmarkPortal
Guest Speaker: Michael Sanders, Director of Marketing and Communications, NTI
Season: 8, Episode Number: 3


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